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Modernization of the Czech infantry

Objavil Matej Fugina, 5. oktober 2010  |  3 komentarjev

acr1The Czech Armed Forces (Armáda České republiky or AČR) represent an example of a fast-paced organizational and technological modernization in the framework of modern security issues. Their development is dictated by a drastic and rapid transfer from former Soviet integrations into Euro-Atlantic ones. Infantry as the main component of modern military operations is the key factor within the modernization process and therefore the subject of this discussion. It has transformed from a heavy mechanized force into a smaller mobile expeditionary force engaged in military (peace support) operations abroad.1

  1. The article was published in Slovene in the Slovenian Armed Forces Journal here. Translation was done by Matej Fugina, correction by Dunja Elikan []

The international conference on independence of Slovenia

Objavil Jure Mikelj, 30. julij 2010  |  1 komentar

slovenska-vojska1The international conference has had formal and informal value – in forefront it was the educational sense of presented contents and beside that, it was an opportunity to establish contacts with foreign students. Our guests had a chance to gain new knowledge about the historical period of society they are living in at the moment; on the other hand, Slovenian students could consolidate and complement their expertise.1

  1. Written by Jure Mikelj, correction by Dunja Elikan. []

Searching for strategic concepts in nation’s military history

Objavil Matej Fugina, 30. julij 2010  |  Ni komentarjev

steiner.jpgImportance of studying and researching nation’s military history lies in building security culture, patriotism, understanding contemporary politics and defence policies but also in recognizing basic theoretical and doctrinal concepts from which we can gain knowledge to better prepare for future security threats. Current security systems of collective defence and collective security are organizationally and financially most suitable to maintain national security. Still, a country is responsible for developing and maintaining armed forces capable of autonomously assuring national security and national defence.1

  1. Written by Matej Fugina, correction by Dunja Elikan. []

Partnership for Peace Workshop 2009: “The Mission of the Associations of the Reserve Officers in the Condition of the Professionalized Armed Forces”

Objavil Matej Fugina, 18. julij 2010  |  1 komentar

workshopInternational workshop titled The Mission of the Associations of the Reserve Officers in the Condition of the Professionalized Armed Forces took place between the 15th and 18th of October 2009 in the organization of Union of Slovenian Officers (USO) in cooperation with Partnership for Peace Committee (PfP Committee) and Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR). Members of the Slovenian Student Association of Defence Studies participated in the reception of participants as keepers of the minutes for each workgroup and helped in finalization of final reports. We are publishing these shorts reports in order to share important key points that were revealed and stressed out at the workgroup’s final presentations and conclusions.

Photogallery can be seen here. Workshop’s agenda can be seen here.