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Obama bo razkril novo strategijo za Afganistan

Objavil Matej Ramuta, 1. december 2009  |  3 komentarjev

obamaDanes zvečer (torek, 1.12.) po vzhodnoameriškem času bo predsednik ZDA Barack Obama razkril novo strategijo ZDA v Afganistanu:

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Barack Obama will announce his new Afghan strategy in an address to the nation next Tuesday from the prestigious West Point military academy, the White House said.

In a defining moment for his young presidency, Obama is widely expected to order more than 30,000 additional American troops into battle against an emboldened Taliban-led insurgency.

But the president, who vowed Tuesday to “finish the job” in Afghanistan, will also lay out an exit strategy for withdrawing forces from the war begun eight years ago in response to the Sept. 11,

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Rusi spet v Afganistan?

Objavil Matej Ramuta, 27. marec 2009  |  1 komentar


For its part, Russia is ready for active joint steps aimed at normalizing the situation in the country and ensuring its peaceful and creative development. Vir

Dimitrij Medvedev na srečanju Šanghajske organizacije za sodelovanje.

V Moskvi je na sestanku SCO ruski predsednik Medvedev sporočil

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